There’s Nothing Wrong with Looking Good

It’s all because of Somatodrol that I am where I am today. I heard about this supplement from a friend of mine who goes to the gym with me who knew that I had been struggling to gain definition. It seemed like no matter how hard I worked or pushed myself, how much I changed my diet, I was never going to be have the definition that I really craved. I know it sounds very shallow but I want to look like those Calvin Klein models with the perfect abs and the V-cut shape to their hips. I want that more than anything.

Why do I want this? It’s simple; women. Sure, I’m getting healthy for my own sake but I’ll also be attractive to women and isn’t that why most men do anything ever at all? Nobody wants to live their life alone without a partner and I’m certainly not special in that regard. I want to have someone that I can share my life with but I want a woman who is attractive to me. The kind of woman that I’m attracted to is most likely only going to be attracted to the kind of guy with abs like that.

I may never be a underwear model but at least I’ll have sweet abs and great biceps. I want to be in shape, too, so I have to focus on a lot of cardio workouts and eating healthy. The kind of woman that I want in my life will also be the kind fo woman is going to be up for coming to the gym with me or going for a run. I want a woman who will push me to always better myself as a person, even if it might only be physically ‘better’, but I’m perfectly okay with that.

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