Started to Work on the New Marketing Campaign

Of course my boss is looking for something which is prestigious. He showed me an ad that he liked.. It said that they were an award winning company in storage – Store Friendly was the name of the company. Obviously he wanted me to say something that made us sound like we had won awards, but I am not sure who they are talking about or who it is who gives out awards. They say they won an award, but what sort of prize do you get when you are good at storing stuff and who decides that you deserve it. Of course they have all of these marketing surveys and I think the one they always talk about is J. D Powers or something like that. They have the ones about whether or not people are satisfied with the car that they own. It is obvious that that is a very big deal. You have to very serious about a major purchase like that.

In our case customer satisfaction is going to still be a very big deal, but it is not something where most people are going to sit down and write out a thousand words about it. If they are not happy with how we do things they will try another company and then they will probably not notice a great deal of difference. It is not as though it is a matter of life and death if you are not happy with us. It is not even going to be a huge expensive mistake if you are unhappy and it is not going to be a long term problem no matter what. That is easy for me to say of course. My boss is thinking about holding on to his really sweet office and all of the perks.

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