Started to Fix Work on the Basement

It is not quite as simple as I was thinking it would be when I started to think about what I was going to do. Of course it was obvious that we would eventually want to finish the basement, but we probably should have thought about what we needed to do when we built the house. Of course I was not thinking it would be a big ordeal, but I talked to these plumbers in Bristol and they were explaining that there were a lot of problems with putting a bathroom down in the basement. Of course if you have all of the other stuff down there you are going to want to have a bathroom for sure. I am going to have a game room and a big TV, obviously I will have a bit of bar as well. I guess it will be sort of like a snack bar in a movie theater if I do what I would like. Obviously you are not going to want to go up and down the stairs a hundred times a night if you can avoid it.

At any rate the problem is that this basement has an incredibly tough concrete floor and you have to break through some way to get the stuff from the drains out. If the bathroom is at normal level you have to get a jackhammer and break a hole in to the floor and then you have to run the drains out out under the floor. Obviously you would want to make sure you were as close to the wall as you could make it. The other option is to put a hole in the wall, which seems like the only realistic option to me. You would have to raise the bathroom up about a foot or so.

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