It is Really Beautiful Up Here

Of course we are basically living on the water and out away from any place that has occupation. It is about a mile and a half by road from here to our closest neighbor, but we can get in the boat and go eat really easy. Of course we have the really nice home security system with a bunch of high definition video cameras. In fact we are paying for the monitoring service from Olympia home security by adt. I am going to be gone a lot of the time, because I have my territory to cover and so I worry about Terry and the Kids being here alone. It is a place that would be quite easy for some jerk to rob if you were not paying good attention. However with this set up, that would be pretty poor idea it would seem.

Of course with a lot of the older security cameras you would not be able to recognize your own mother if they robbed some one. I guess everyone has seen those bank robber videos and thought that there was no way they could identify the person from the poor quality of the videos. That is not how this works. If you walk in front of one of these cameras you are going to get caught in high definition and you are probably going to be quite easy for a cop to recognize. Obviously you can cover your face, but that is going to make it hard for you to operate and this system shows people out in the yard too. So even if you covered your face you would get a good look at what sort of person it was and that sort of thing. It is not as though you can not work out who it is.

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