I Used to Make Computer File Backups on Cassette Tapes

I have known the value of making backups of files all the way back to when I was writing BASIC on a home computer that used audio cassette tapes to store the programs and files on. I sometimes would write code for hours only to lose it if I only saved one copy. The technology was far from flawless. Though hard drives and computers are much more reliable nowadays, I still make redundant backups of critical files. I like storing things off site now in the cloud, and that is why I looked for a cheap R1Soft license.

I remember what I call my first real computer. It had a 20 megabyte hard drive. I ran a Bulletin Board Service on it. Those were popular before the Internet was really a thing the public could use. Back then you used your computer, a modem and your phone line to physically call and connect to another computer. Email was rudimentary, and gaming was more text than graphic based. This is where those elaborate worlds in prose got developed. You could play against other players, but your computer did not even have the power to show you a photographic quality image.

I backed up everything then on floppy disks. It was tedious even for a 20 megabyte hard drive. The floppies were the next generation ones that could hold almost a megabyte and a half, but that still meant it took 15 floppies to back up my meager hard drive. Now that cloud based backups are available, I can back up terabyte sized drives continually over my Internet connection. Real time backups are common. Some places have such rapidly evolving data that it is redundantly saved as soon as it is generated. I was not in need of anything that grand, I just needed to have daily backups made a few times a day. That is why I wanted a cheap R1Soft license.

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