I Love the Peace and Quiet Here

I have the most amazing apartment ever. I moved here to Palisades about a month after I started looking at apartments in Manassas Park VA. It did not take me that long to find one, because I knew within the first 30 minutes of my search that Palisades was the one for me. It just took that long because I had to finish out the lease on my other apartment. I had no problems with the other apartment until a very loud family moved in right next to me, and I got very little peace and quiet after that.

The reason it was such a problem is because the apartment building is a very old one. I was not able to hear conversations, but I could hear a lot of noise because the walls were not insulated like more modern apartment buildings. That is why I only looked at newer apartments because I did not want to run into the same problem should I get another noisy neighbor who likes to play loud music and have parties with a lot of people involved. As soon as I saw Palisades, I knew I wanted to find out more.

I looked at the floor plans first, because I spend a lot of time in my apartment. I have to go into work at least once a week, but the rest of the time I am able to telecommute. I wanted to make sure one of the two bedroom units would be sufficient for me to have a home office. There was a one bedroom unit with a den that could be used as an office, but I wanted my home office to be larger than what the room was. The two bedroom I have now is absolutely perfect, and I love the peace and quiet here!

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