I Have Started Doing Tutoring

Of course I am almost ready for university and I have always known that I shall need some money to do it. Right now I have just started to work at a tuition centre in Bukit Timah and I have to say that it is really something of a mixed bag. The thing that matters is how much the student really wants to be tutored. Some of them are smarter than the others and some of them are not. However it is the ones that want to work are the ones who are really the best to teach. They do not have to be smart really, but they have to be eager to learn. If they do not want it, then that is not ever going to make real progress. It is my opinion that you have to be able to do things for yourself if you really want to

At any rate I have a couple of pupils who really seem to not have any interest in learning and it is rather frustrating, since I really want to be good at this. It does not harm me much in the job, because the people in charge understand that they can not force people to do things that they do not want to do. Most of the others that I am working with are really doing the best that they can. Obviously that means that I really have a vastly greater impact, it is not surprising that when you have a student that wants to learn it makes it a lot easier to teach. In fact some of them are really working hard when I am not around, so we are teaching them the things that are further along in their curriculum to get them ready for that when it comes time.

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