I Am Finally Losing Weight

I have struggled with my weight for years. Every time a new diet would come out, I would be one of the first on board. Sadly though, none of them worked for me. I would lose a little bit of weight, but it would always come back. When a friend sent me a bistromd coupon, I thought that it was just something else that would not work. That is why I was so surprised when I started reading about the program, and I realized that this could actually be the first thing that could work for me.

The difference between this program and others is that there are no gimmicks. I would not take miracle pills or perform 10 minutes of exercise per day and lose 20 pounds overnight. Instead, I would have to discipline myself into eating just the foods that are allowed on this program. That would be extremely easy with how the program works though. Instead of having to count calories, it is all done for me. I would be sent the food that I could eat every day. I would not have to struggle with counting exchanges, measuring my own food, or anything else like that.

The food would be delivered to me, and I would just have to heat it up when it was meal time. All meals are planned so the average person eats about 1200 calories a day. Since I would not have to figure out just how many calories that is in food I prepare myself, I knew that I had a chance of making this work. I used the coupon to get my first order of food, and it has been amazing for me. There is no effort on my part, and the food is delicious. I know I am going to lose weight for good this time!

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