Great Federal Gun Crime Lawyers in Virginia

I was recently pulled over for a routine traffic stop, and the cop decided to search my car, which was very unfortunate. There was an unregistered handgun in the glove compartment of my car, and it had the serial numbers filed off, which is probably really illegal. I do not know what all the relevant laws are, but I was charged with several crimes, and I just recently made bail. I need to hire a federal gun crime lawyer in virginia or maryland in the near future, to represent me in this case. I am living in Virginia, but I kind of live close to the Maryland border, so I do not think it matters much which state I hire a lawyer from.

What is more important, is my ability to find a lawyer that is going to be able to do a good job in representing me in this case, and hopefully get me off lightly. I need to have my charges reduced, at the least, because I am facing some felonies right now, and I am not sure that I can afford to be a felon. I really can’t imagine going to jail for such a long time, and then being labeled as a felon, once I got out of prison. It just sounds so terrible, and I hope that there is some way to get out of all of this.

The only reason I had the gun in the first place, is that I was storing it for a friend who has a bad criminal record, and I was trying to protect them from potentially catching charges that would put him away for a long time. However, it seems like my kindness has caused me a lot of problems, and now I am facing significant jail time myself.

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