Even My Younger Sister Could Afford the Protection of an ADT Alarm System

I told my younger sister, who is in college, that she could afford a security system for her apartment. Mom and dad were worried about her being away at college. They did not really want her in a dorm room, but they were also worried about her being in an apartment. I told all three of them that she could have a basic adt alarm system for a very low cost. I saw them advertised for free if you pay a small fee for installation and sign up for monthly monitoring.

The basic system would be great for her apartment. It has a motion detector, and it also has a monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detector. The motion detector would catch any attempt at entry into her apartment. The monthly monitoring fee is less than what it costs my sister for her daily can of soda from the vending machines at school. I think that a young woman should be security minded no matter where she is at. Actually, everyone should be. The world is not getting any better, and some of the stuff you see on the news is just horrendous. Early warning makes a real difference.

Also, those stickers and sign that warn that a place has a monitored alarm system are a real deterrent. Criminals want to carry out their acts of crime, but they want to do it in a way that keeps them from being caught. That is why they want easy pickings. They want to get away with their crimes without getting caught. Alarm systems greatly increase the chances of them getting caught not only by the police, but a well prepared resident too. The modern alarm systems are quick for technicians to install since they do not require cables to be run. That also greatly reduces the cost of labor too.

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