Daughter in New Flat Equals New Locks for Sure

When our daughter moved into her first flat, my wife and I were worried about everything. It actually is a nice neighborhood, but every male I spotted looked like a hoodlum to me. I don’t care if he was wearing a hoodie and jeans or a tweed suit with a bowler hat. If you are a parent of a girl, you know what I mean. If you are a dad to a daughter, you definitely know what I mean. One of the first things I did was to call a Cardiff locksmith to come and change the locks on her flat. We had no idea how many duplicate keys for the existing locks were floating around out there.

The building supervisor insisted on having a key. Well, we gave him a key for the main lockset but not the deadbolt. That way there is a lock she can use when at home that no one has a key to except her. The world is not an inherently safe place. Our little girl knows that, but she is young and a little lackadaisical about security protocols. It is built into me because of my job. She is actually tactically trained to a small degree. She can defend herself, but she is more open than I could ever be about security. I run into this a lot in my work with civilians, so I find a way to get the job done anyway.

The Cardiff locksmith installed high-end locks on the flat door, and I had him add a secondary locking mechanism to each window. In addition, I installed a hidden surveillance cam outside her door that would give her a clear view of the hallway. She actually likes that and uses it all the time before she answers the door. Yes, she is more lacks when it comes to security, but she also is not stupid. Locks do not stop a determined criminal, but they do help keep honest people honest.

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