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I Used to Make Computer File Backups on Cassette Tapes

Friday, August 21st, 2015

I have known the value of making backups of files all the way back to when I was writing BASIC on a home computer that used audio cassette tapes to store the programs and files on. I sometimes would write code for hours only to lose it if I only saved one copy. The technology was far from flawless. Though hard drives and computers are much more reliable nowadays, I still make redundant backups of critical files. I like storing things off site now in the cloud, and that is why I looked for a cheap R1Soft license.

I remember what I call my first real computer. It had a 20 megabyte hard drive. I ran a Bulletin Board Service on it. Those were popular before the Internet was really a thing the public could use. Back then you used your computer, a modem and your phone line to physically call and connect to another computer. Email was rudimentary, and gaming was more text than graphic based. (more…)

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