Comparing Cox Cable to DirecTV

It can be hard to keep track of all the different options for cable and satellite providers, as they all have started to offer different channel lineups, features, and technology in an attempt to stand out. One extremely popular company is Cox Cable, which has been serving the country and their televisions since as early as 1962. With millions of customers today, it is clear that they must be doing something right because people seem to be quite happy with their service. Still, there are some disadvantages to satellite TV so a comparison can be found at to make it all easier to understand.

For starters, Cox has four standardized packages available to choose channel selection for your home service. It starts with the cheapest option, Cox TV Economy, which is a basic package yet still offers over 170 channels. Stepping up from this the Cox Advanced TV package adds about another 50 channels, including many favorite content providers. Another 50 channels come when you upgrade to Cox Advanced TV Preferred, which includes the Variety TV package in it with a wide selection of channels. At the top of their food chain is the Premier package, which takes everything in the lower packages but also adds on three different TV packages to really make the programming stand out.

Of course in addition to all of this, they offer HD programming, DVR function built into the boxes, an On Demand library, and much more. For those looking to bundle up, they even offer things like internet service and digital phone packages in some areas, which really add on to the savings. Ultimately they are a great company, though DirecTV does still offer the NFL Sunday Ticket package, a free Genie HD DVR upgrade, and free premium channels for 3 months so it is hard to decide the best route.

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