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I Needed to Get Air Conditioning

Saturday, October 6th, 2018

I am from the south, so I am used to some really hot summer days. A hot summer day in the Carolinas is a lot different than a hot summer day in New York City though. When I lived at home with my parents, we never had air conditioning. We would keep the windows open and the fans on, and the house was never uncomfortable. We had a lot of space and trees though, which helped with the breeze. I knew after one week here that I was going to have to find air conditioner installation in NYC.

There was just no way that I could handle the heat. (more…)

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I Have Started Doing Tutoring

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

Of course I am almost ready for university and I have always known that I shall need some money to do it. Right now I have just started to work at a tuition centre in Bukit Timah and I have to say that it is really something of a mixed bag. The thing that matters is how much the student really wants to be tutored. Some of them are smarter than the others and some of them are not. However it is the ones that want to work are the ones who are really the best to teach. They do not have to be smart really, but they have to be eager to learn. If they do not want it, then that is not ever going to make real progress. (more…)

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My Parents Are Happy with Their House Cleaner

Sunday, February 4th, 2018

My parents are elderly and starting to show their age a bit more with each passing year. It does not seem possible that they are both retired now, and I am really thankful that they are enjoying life as much as they are even with some things starting to slow down for them. I was visiting a few months ago when I saw my dad try to clean the ceiling fan, and I knew that he needed help with it. I did that for him, then I looked up house cleaning in Singapore on their computer.

I knew that they were both able to do the basics as far as taking care of the housecleaning went. (more…)

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I Love the Peace and Quiet Here

Thursday, September 14th, 2017

I have the most amazing apartment ever. I moved here to Palisades about a month after I started looking at apartments in Manassas Park VA. It did not take me that long to find one, because I knew within the first 30 minutes of my search that Palisades was the one for me. It just took that long because I had to finish out the lease on my other apartment. I had no problems with the other apartment until a very loud family moved in right next to me, and I got very little peace and quiet after that.

The reason it was such a problem is because the apartment building is a very old one. (more…)

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I Started Getting Acupuncture Done Again

Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

When I lived in Los Angeles, I would see an acupuncturist on a regular basis. It was part of the benefits package where I worked, and it was right on the premises as well, which made it extremely convenient. I moved to Chicago because I was offered a better job, but this one did not have all the fun perks to it. I didn’t think I would mind not going, but I soon realized that I actually felt a lot better when I was going on a regular basis. I did an online search for acupuncture in Chicago because I wanted to feel good on a regular basis again. (more…)

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Why I Switched to Organic Food

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

It seems organic food continues to get more and more popular, so I finally decided to do some research on it. I had heard that it was healthier for people, but I was not sure why. I also thought that it was more expensive, but I realized that most of the things that I thought about organic foods were really not all that accurate. It did not take me long to understand why organic is definitely better. It simply means that the food is not laden with chemicals like the majority of the food is in the world. (more…)

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I Used to Make Computer File Backups on Cassette Tapes

Friday, August 21st, 2015

I have known the value of making backups of files all the way back to when I was writing BASIC on a home computer that used audio cassette tapes to store the programs and files on. I sometimes would write code for hours only to lose it if I only saved one copy. The technology was far from flawless. Though hard drives and computers are much more reliable nowadays, I still make redundant backups of critical files. I like storing things off site now in the cloud, and that is why I looked for a cheap R1Soft license.

I remember what I call my first real computer. It had a 20 megabyte hard drive. I ran a Bulletin Board Service on it. Those were popular before the Internet was really a thing the public could use. Back then you used your computer, a modem and your phone line to physically call and connect to another computer. Email was rudimentary, and gaming was more text than graphic based. (more…)

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It is Really Beautiful Up Here

Sunday, April 5th, 2015

Of course we are basically living on the water and out away from any place that has occupation. It is about a mile and a half by road from here to our closest neighbor, but we can get in the boat and go eat really easy. Of course we have the really nice home security system with a bunch of high definition video cameras. In fact we are paying for the monitoring service from Olympia home security by adt. I am going to be gone a lot of the time, because I have my territory to cover and so I worry about Terry and the Kids being here alone. (more…)

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Started to Fix Work on the Basement

Friday, March 13th, 2015

It is not quite as simple as I was thinking it would be when I started to think about what I was going to do. Of course it was obvious that we would eventually want to finish the basement, but we probably should have thought about what we needed to do when we built the house. Of course I was not thinking it would be a big ordeal, but I talked to these plumbers in Bristol and they were explaining that there were a lot of problems with putting a bathroom down in the basement. Of course if you have all of the other stuff down there you are going to want to have a bathroom for sure. I am going to have a game room and a big TV, obviously I will have a bit of bar as well. I guess it will be sort of like a snack bar in a movie theater if I do what I would like. (more…)

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Why I Stick with Using a Virtual Office

Saturday, March 7th, 2015

If I had waited to begin my business until I had a big office and employees, I would not have a business. I had an idea and needed customers right away. Think about it. If you are in business, you need to be earning money. The sooner the revenue starts rolling in, the better it is for you. I started my business doing the work and worrying about all of the peripheral stuff later on. I was doing the jobs and getting paid with very little infrastructure in the beginning. One thing I keep is my virtual office.

I am established now with all of my ducks in a row so to speak. I no longer am scrambling at the last minute to meet a deadline. I am no longer begging potential customers to give me a chance. I actually have a personal life again. (more…)

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Started to Work on the New Marketing Campaign

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Of course my boss is looking for something which is prestigious. He showed me an ad that he liked.. It said that they were an award winning company in storage – Store Friendly was the name of the company. Obviously he wanted me to say something that made us sound like we had won awards, but I am not sure who they are talking about or who it is who gives out awards. They say they won an award, but what sort of prize do you get when you are good at storing stuff and who decides that you deserve it. Of course they have all of these marketing surveys and I think the one they always talk about is J. (more…)

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Started Gutting This Old Building

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

It is going to be a long journey, but we have started out and we do not plan on turning back. At the moment we are looking to find a reliable aircon servicing company that is willing to do something which does not really seem to be all that practical at first glance. Of course it is going to be tough to find some guy who will want to do what needs to be done at a price which I am going to be able to stand and so I am sort of thinking that I might have to look for a way to cut corners where we are able to do it.Obviously there are things you can try to skate by on and there are other things that you have to bite the bullet on and accept that they are going to be expensive. (more…)

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There’s Nothing Wrong with Looking Good

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

It’s all because of Somatodrol that I am where I am today. I heard about this supplement from a friend of mine who goes to the gym with me who knew that I had been struggling to gain definition. It seemed like no matter how hard I worked or pushed myself, how much I changed my diet, I was never going to be have the definition that I really craved. I know it sounds very shallow but I want to look like those Calvin Klein models with the perfect abs and the V-cut shape to their hips. I want that more than anything.

Why do I want this? It’s simple; women. (more…)

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Comparing Cox Cable to DirecTV

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

It can be hard to keep track of all the different options for cable and satellite providers, as they all have started to offer different channel lineups, features, and technology in an attempt to stand out. One extremely popular company is Cox Cable, which has been serving the country and their televisions since as early as 1962. With millions of customers today, it is clear that they must be doing something right because people seem to be quite happy with their service. Still, there are some disadvantages to satellite TV so a comparison can be found at to make it all easier to understand.

For starters, Cox has four standardized packages available to choose channel selection for your home service. It starts with the cheapest option, Cox TV Economy, which is a basic package yet still offers over 170 channels. Stepping up from this the Cox Advanced TV package adds about another 50 channels, including many favorite content providers. Another 50 channels come when you upgrade to Cox Advanced TV Preferred, which includes the Variety TV package in it with a wide selection of channels. (more…)

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The Optimal Setup for Home Insurance

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

Home ownership is often considered a major part of the American dream, as being able to own your own land and the property built on it is a big deal. Being in total control of your living environment is fun and exciting, though it does come with responsibilities. Nobody plans for it and everyone hopes for the best, but destruction and damage can ruin this dream in a matter of seconds. Ideally there would be a way to prevent it altogether, but sometimes the best option is just to get insurance that helps to recover. Click here for Riverdale insurance offers that can make the whole process much more affordable and easy.

Obviously insurance does not do much good if it is a financial burden from the start. The main purpose for insurance is to help soften the blow if something goes wrong, as the financial consequences of a problem can be hard to deal with. (more…)

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