Be Hollywood Glamorous with a Smart Weight Loss Program

Today’s hottest and most dazzling red carpet looks require a fit body. If you need to shape your body and slim down a bit to wear these sexy looks, a solid, safe weight loss program is important. To lose weight quickly and safely, a smart plan includes a balance of healthy food and also an emphasis on calorie-burning exercise.

The most important part of a smart weight loss program is what you eat and how much. A good plan for dieting is just that–a plan. To effectively shed pounds a diet should be nutritionally sound and requires scheduling and advanced meal planning. The food choices should be low in fat and carbohydrates as much as possible, which means avoiding fried foods as well as minimizing foods like breads and pastas. Meals should be rich in vegetables and fruit to keep your body fully nourished. One way that many dieters get a filling, nutritious meal on the go that is also low in calories is to substitute fruit smoothies (a mix of blended fruit and yogurt and ice) for small meals and snacks.

Another thing to emphasize for a smart weight loss program is exercise.

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