2013 Cyber Monday Deals for Televisions

I have had a 28 inch LCD television in my apartment for a number of years now, and it has always annoyed me that I did not purchase one that was compatible with 1080p resolutions. However, to be fair, at the time, there were not a whole lot of televisions that could display video in a resolution of 1080p. Anyway, I have wanted to get a new television for awhile, and Cyber Monday gives me an opportunity to do that. I am looking online for cyber monday tv deals for 2013 presently, and I hope to find a really good deal on a television.

I do not really need that big of a television, because my apartment is not that large, and an excessively large television would just probably cause eye strain. I wouldn’t mind having a television that was 40 inches across, but much more than that would be excessive. However, I am going to be more focused on the prices right now, as opposed to size of the television.

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